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Beez cracked the online model for SeventyOne a start-up retailer

The retailer challenge : 
The retailer is a start-up boutique in retro and vintage clothing, shoes and accessoires
Competitors are big online shops and small independent retailers
Need to conquer a position between established brands and new players


Build omnichannel brand and business structure combining e-commerce with a brick and mortar boutique

Drive online and offline sales via tools like Google adwords, Google shopping, Google re-marketing, Facebook, email campaigns, Instagram and SEO techniques 

Continuously monitor marketing ROI spend and adapt tactics where needed

Fully integrated customer data, turnover and stock management tools to merge boutique and webshop in one business

Develop shop-in-shop consignment based business structure to manage cash and expand assortments quickly for winning brands

Capture in-store customer data via loyalty system to build database for email campaigning    


Drive turnover to break even within 6 months

Exceptional low cost webshop visitor aquisition

Great marketing ROI :1 EUR online investment translated into 19 EUR turnover

Key learnings :

80% of customers who visit the brick & mortar boutique have oriented online first and know what to try and buy

The web-shop is a key tool to drive offline conversion. Do not measure online conversion only

Play omni-channel all the way i.e. full assortment, full service, full promo program. Your customer does not differentiate between sales channels. 

Test, learn and optimize your online programming.  There is no silver bullet that delivers instant results.  

Build and set KPI's of the combination of web and store. It is the combination that works and drives business. 

Build tools to integrate your online and offline business environment to focus on the customer experience  

Capture the offline consumer transaction data to use in online programming
Understand the online world yourself. Get free training and certification from Google, Facebook and others. 

Beez consultants are Google analytics and Google adwords certified 

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