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Vanreusel is active in the market of frozen meat snacks with a strong focus on the out of home market in Belgium and Netherlands

Vanreusel is the market leader in the frozen meat snack segment in Belgium with 40% market share in Belgium and 10% market share in The Netherlands

The frozen snack mark is under pressure due to changing of eating habits, decrease of point of sales and industry overcapacity



Optimise sales and marketing department structure, way of working, strategies and tactics to drive future growth

Set up integrated new product development organisation, processes, roles & responsibilities and people to increase innovation power and speed to market

Develop corporate strategy framework to win in the market place


Optimised commercial structure trough separation in business units, new hires, clear roles and responsibilities and installation of marketing department

Installed insights based new product development process with funnel and stage gate process

Developed and progressed new product concepts via funnel and stage gate process

Develop launch plan for new products and promotional activities

Developed and implemented a 4 pillar preferred supplier program to drive preference with key clients

Set-up strategic corporate framework based on in-depth internal and external analyses, SWOT analyses, confrontation matrix and strategic workshops with the board

Proposed and aligned key hires with the board, developed job profiles and managed search and selection of in close cooperation with the CEO and external recruiters

Re-energised marketing and product development team by providing structure, direction and purpose to the job content


Aligned and stronger commercial organisation with integrated marketing department on management team level

Full and strong new product pipeline with 2 new products ready to launch and 3 more in end development phase

Integrated 4 pillar prefer supplier approach driving brand and company preference

Ready corporate framework and with clear strategic priorities, governance model and key projects well underway

Motivated and eager marketing & NPD team, ready to take on all marketing and new product development challenges

Improved communication and alignment on commercial projects to win in the market place

First in frozen meat snacks, winner of 2 International Taste and Quality Awards on key products

Paul-Emmanuel Vanreusel CEO Vanreusel snacks : Luuk Reijnders contributed substantially to the development of our company in his role of senior business consultant. Luuk’s sharp analyses and conceptual skills provided new insights and new ways of working to our business. His drive and energy inspired the team to work on new idea’s and new approaches to the business. He moves projects and teams forward and achieves challenging results.

Note: This mission was delivered in coloboration with www.foodproof.com

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