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Lead: Emmanuelle SANGOUARD


Couplet Sugars is a fast-growing family-owned B2B company that produces sugar specialities for the bakery & confectionary industries.

Beez defined the Couplet Sugars


Couplet “Company Sphere” (culture, organisation) exploration through employee interviews and workshops with the management team.

Definition of the Couplet Market Environment, Value Propositions, Sales Channels through deep dive into the Bakery B2B market needs
(customers interviews & Euromonitor/Global Data crunching and analysis).

Deep understanding of the sugar backlash impact on Couplet business (qualitative and quantitative research).

Critical business priorities definition and sales strategy recommendation.

Business expansion solutions presented to the Company Board.


Couplet Sugars growth YTD2017 is far above the annual plan thanks to a very effective sales strategy and despite the end of the European sugar quota’s context.

Very positive feedback from the Board and from the shareholders on the work made by Beez and the management team.

B to B Company
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